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Profession in Action experience

The Profession in Action Sales experience in Madrid and Barcelona has been very insightful. Being able to meet professionals and companies of very diverse industries has helped us better grasp the different atmospheres and specificities of various sectors.

Indeed, we have visited companies ranging from global fast moving consumer goods MNCs such as Coca Cola and L’Oréal to tech startups at the Barcelona Tech City. Read the rest of this entry »

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Being a Global Leader

Frank Wiengarten - ESADE - MSc in Global Strategic Management

Author: Frank Wiengarten, Academic Director of Master of Science in Global Strategic Management

In nowadays global economy companies seek to purchase and sell products and services all over the globe, which ultimately results in a dispersed supply chain network. Increased competitive pressure and opening up economies have enabled companies to seek comparative and competitive advantage. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Profession in Action

The Profession in Action immersion week  is a voluntary activity, organized by ESADE, specially designed for those MSc in Marketing Management students. Read the rest of this entry »

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Want to make your business idea a reality?

At ESADE we are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ideas.  EWorks is the newest initiative created to support our entrepreneurial students, offering them all the tools they need to be successful and take their ideas to new heights!

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Innovation, served by Ferran Adrià and ESADE

If audit exists in the world of finance, why is there nothing in place to evaluate innovation?
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Internship Innovation Programme (I2P)

Internship Innovation Project (I2P)

Students from ESADE and Aalto University have demonstrated their passion for innovation in offering business solutions to 10 Spanish-based enterprises during this incredible project involving the companies’ real-life challenges.  Both schools have a heavy focus on entrepreneurship and innovation and were the perfect partnership for this kind of hands-on venture.  Jordi Vinaixa, Director of the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at ESADE and Lotta Hassi, a lecturer at both institutions and the project coordinator are thrilled with the results and hope to continue with this initiative in years to come.

The companies that got involved this year:

- Veritas – Televisión de Catalunya (TV3) – Repsol – Santa & Cole – Abbvie – HP – Parc Taulí – KIC -Comsa Emte – Grupo Planeta

The final presentation of this project took place at ESADE’s E-Garage, a space dedicated to entrepreneurship, and saw all the teams from both Helsinki and Barcelona united to offer their final conclusions and proposals both to the other teams and to the CEOs of the different companies.

By participating in these projects, participants got a closer view of real-life business situations and their inherent difficulties, and received constant feedback from the client.

Take a look at this video and the pictures from the presentation day: Congratulations to all participants from ESADE and a big thank you to our colleagues from Aalto University in Finland.

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