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Profession in Action experience

The Profession in Action Sales experience in Madrid and Barcelona has been very insightful. Being able to meet professionals and companies of very diverse industries has helped us better grasp the different atmospheres and specificities of various sectors.

Indeed, we have visited companies ranging from global fast moving consumer goods MNCs such as Coca Cola and L’Oréal to tech startups at the Barcelona Tech City. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often”, Andrea Roberto Bifulco

Author: Andrea Roberto Bifulco

After three years of Management at Univesità Bocconi in Milan with an Exchange semester at Emory University in Atlanta USA, I decided that I would have wanted to focus on Marketing.

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Profession in Action

The Profession in Action immersion week  is a voluntary activity, organized by ESADE, specially designed for those MSc in Marketing Management students. Read the rest of this entry »

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Want to make your business idea a reality?

At ESADE we are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ideas.  EWorks is the newest initiative created to support our entrepreneurial students, offering them all the tools they need to be successful and take their ideas to new heights!

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MSc Master in Marketing

The setting: A sunny afternoon on Barceloneta beach, strolling and chatting to MSc students Pavel, Carolin and Ina.  The topic: Why they chose to come to ESADE to study the MSc in Marketing Management.  The result: this video showing their past, present and most importantly, their bright futures.   After all, futures is what we do best at ESADE.

These 3 international students from Bulgaria, Germany and the Philippines are embarking on a career full of potential, each one with individual goals to achieve and hopes for the future:

Ina dreams of an international career in Marketing, she loves how multicultural her classes are, and has discovered her inner leader she hadn’t known existed!

Carolin was looking for a creative business city near the beach; her surprise was that reality totally exceeded her expectations!

Pavel chose ESADE based on the rankings, but now he wants to stay in Barcelona and work as a Brand Manager. His Spanish is coming on in leaps and bounds…

And you? Make this unforgettable experience your own by signing up for ESADE’s MSc in Marketing Management – we’re waiting to hear your story!



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3 ESADE MScs take first place at the L’Oréal Brandstorm 2013

Three ESADE Master in Marketing Management students, Laura Gutiérrez, Elena Vidal and Mireia Sánchez caused a veritable storm at the Spanish final of this year’s L’Oréal Brandstorm and took home first place from an original 200 students and a subsequent 18 finalists from across Spain.  The international awaits them in Paris on 20th June against teams from 45 countries.

For eight months, our dedicated students designed strategies, under the guidance of Professor Josep Franch, came up with products, studied the local market and were responsible for the whole process from inception to launch, in what was as close to a real life  business project as possible. Their brief: to put themselves in the position of a South-East Asian Marketing Director and launch a new range of haircare products for the L’Oréal Paris brand.

The three international finalists of this competition, will be given the opportunity to discover new markets and their consumers on a trip funded by L’Oréal Paris. L’Oréal, since  launching this competition in 1992 has seen some 60,000 students  from 280 universities worldwide and through this, and several other similar ventures, has recruited 37 new talents in the last 2 years alone for their Management Training Programme.

Congratulations girls!

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