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However globalised the world is, or is becoming, we are divided by our cultural differences, our traditions, our beliefs and our perspective of the world around us. How then can someone understand cultures sufficiently to transcend borders?

Is it possible to immerse yourself fully in a world so far removed from your own and learn to understand it? Can we hope to become an international business person, a world leader, for example, and for cultural diversity not to be an obstacle?

There are particular issues when it comes to cross-continent divides.  For the American or European, for example, Asia is an enigma of sorts, and of course vice versa: there really is very little common ground to be found between these regions of the world, yet the opportunities would be endless if we could tap into to the things that define us and others.

Understanding other cultures

We’ve just celebrated the graduation of our first promotion of the MSc in Global Strategic Management programme, a programme that understands the role of the new global leader and embraces diversity.

It was created to allow students to live and study in 3 continents and immerse themselves fully in the cultures and business methods. We are proud to have awarded diplomas to our inaugural class of 58 new graduates from 14 different countries in Europe, North America and Asia, and look forward to doing the same for many more classes to come.

We stand to become richer people in ways we never thought possible, if we are open to learning from others and breaking down the boundaries that separate us. The goal should be to embrace our worldly differences. The MSc in Global Strategic Management breaks down cultural borders and builds bridges for business.

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