Coding for a new digital paradigm

“I have this great idea, but I don’t know how to build it.” Sounds familiar, right? Immediately after that sentence, you will most certainly hear “I need to find a developer”. But you know what? Most entrepreneurs never find that developer.

Ironhack was conceived to help entrepreneurs and business leaders quickly learn to code by squeezing “2 years of learning into 2 months”.

Their classes have been always filled with entrepreneurs and restless minds. These students have all had the same goal in mind: to be unstoppable and learn to code so that their ideas could become digital products.

I’ve been involved in digital startups for the past few years now. I had the feeling that I was lacking the appropriate level of knowledge to execute product-related projects at a high level. That’s how I ended up joining the web development bootcamp.

Tabi Vicuña, Stanford MBA and cofounder of Job and Talent

By partnering with ESADE, Ironhack continues its commitment to teaching entrepreneurs and business leaders to code. This exclusive partnership will help ESADE students and graduates build their own companies and gain a better understanding of digital products and the tech industry as a whole.

The programme was specially designed for businesspeople – founders, company leaders and even recent graduates – and will help them develop the skills they need to build their own prototypes and test their ideas in real environments. It will also give them a broad understanding of how technology works, which will come in handy in hiring, management and helping teams accomplish their goals.

Like it or not, technology is everywhere and digital products are becoming ubiquitous, and so is the ability to understand how they work. The implicit outcome of this trend is that programming has become a completely transversal skill. Having an advanced understanding of programming and technology will unlock a whole new world of possibilities for managers working in the digital scene.

My desire is not to become the world’s best developer. Maybe I will never again write a line of code after the bootcamp. However, I want to understand how to develop the products of the future – through software. This skill will help me in just about every industry.

Markus Leyendecker, Venture Development at Rocket Internet and Harvard MBA


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