Doing Business in Brazil

Author: Constantin Huesker

As part of ESADE’s MSc curriculum around 50 students travelled to Brazil to not only understand the Brazilian macro -and micro- economy but to also grasp a better idea of the cultural characteristics of South America’s largest country.

Having taken place in mid-January 2016 most of the participants seized the chance to complete the academic frame with individual pre and after seminar travel plans. Groups of students rode south to relax at Florianopolis, moved west to refresh at the Iguazu waterfalls and gathered in Rio de Janeiro to embrace the pre-carnival spirit of costumes, drums and events between Cristo Redentor and the Pão de Açúcar.

The academic content was excellently delivered by teachers and professors of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in Sao Paulo. By covering topics ranging from a sketch of the currently depressed Brazilian economy over an introduction to the comparably well-developed financial market up to the country’s overall socioeconomic setting, each participant learned about Brazil’s identity. The theoretical sessions where accompanied by highly interesting in-company visits to Natura – a beauty care producer and JP Morgan – a globally recognized investment bank.

The most valuable experiences however related to the direct contact with the local people. In informal settings students were able to connect to a folk which bubbles over with happiness, satisfaction and contentment even though the socioeconomic situation suggests something different. Looking back to the weeks in Brazil, everyone did profit in her very own way from all the academic sessions, in-company visits and individual travel experiences.

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