Studying isn’t everything at ESADE!

Everyone needs a chance to let their hair down after weeks of hard study, and what better way to do it than at ESADE’s annual Campus Party!

The ESADE Campus Party was organised and attended by students in ESADE’s university programmes but also by ESADE faculty and staff. The event brought all students together to promote their clubs and network with their peers on campus. Debates, competitions, games of agility and skill, musical performances and even a charity lunch are just some examples of the activities at this year’s Campus Party.

Our students have endless opportunities to build on their passions and take their career to the next level by spending their free time creating and promoting events of all kinds. The leadership skills acquired in the classroom come into play in the coordination of teams to make these ventures a success.

Business school life can’t be all about studying. These sorts of events are vital to keeping ESADE’s hands-on and collaborative spirit alive.


Take a look at the video from this year’s party!

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