Profession in Action

The Profession in Action immersion week  is a voluntary activity, organized by ESADE, specially designed for those MSc in Marketing Management students.

The purpose of this proposal is to offer students a view into the daily responsibilities of real Marketing professionals, in their own work environments; and to be able to personally visualize the different approaches to the Marketing roles & responsibilities in different markets and companies.

The programme consists on a 5-days dive into marketing professional roles by way of visiting a set of chosen companies that will give the participants an overview of the different tasks the specific position is responsible for and including the key partners (providers) he/she has to deal with. The goal is to give insights into different industries, like SEAT, BBVA, Nestlé or L’OREAL, different type of companies (big internationals and local as well) and including the creative agencies as key providers/partners.

 The 2016 edition of Profession in Action has taken place in January and consisted of 3 days in Madrid and 2 days in Barcelona for each specialisation, with a total amount of visits to 25 companies.


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