Three Continents. Two Master’s Degrees. One Amazing Year.

MSc in Global Strategic Management

Global business has meant we all speak more languages, are more internationally-minded and have holidayed in more far-flung locations than perhaps our parents and no doubt our grandparents. Knowing how to use international knowledge to our advantage is the key.

It’s no longer a daunting prospect to live abroad for a time, however different the culture and for the adventurous traveller, the rewards are huge, returning worldlier individuals, more knowledgeable about business, politics, culture, cuisine and lots more besides.

Can you imagine all the new things you would learn, let alone languages, by living in 3 different continents? What about how your career would take on a new dimension and allow you conduct business fully understanding the intricacies of culture and how to interact with others?

In an era where the world is quite literally our oyster, can we afford to turn down the opportunity to discover the world at our fingertips? Can you resist the temptation to try?

You’ll often hear people say “it’s a small world” but this has never been truer than now. ESADE, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and Lingnan (University) College have joined forces to offer the MSc in Global Strategic Management, giving the next generation of leaders the skills necessary to go the distance in international negotiations.

ESADE Agreement with McIntire - University of Virginia (USA) and Lingnan College (China)

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