Want to make your business idea a reality?

At ESADE we are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ideas.  EWorks is the newest initiative created to support our entrepreneurial students, offering them all the tools they need to be successful and take their ideas to new heights!

EWorks forms part of the existing EGarage space within ESADECreapolis on our Sant Cugat campus, and is the perfect place to inspire creativity and work in teams to come up with innovative business ideas.

EWorks is based on three fundamental pillars: EFounders Meetups, a meeting point with successful entrepreneurs, to allow students to pitch their ideas and receive constructive feedback; The Accelerator, an incubation space where participants can develop their ideas for three full months, and ESpace, a co-working space in which to develop projects. EWorks is the best way to invest in your professional future!

One such idea, created among ESADE students is Express EBikes, an initiative set up in partnership with VAIC, a local shop specialising in electric bicycles to help students to get to class on time!

The project was thought up in the ‘Creating and Capturing Value through Business Models’ class, as part of the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and aims to provide a bicycle rental system for students outside Sant Cugat train station and get to campus quickly and easily. The perfect solution to an existing problem!

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