A worldlier you, with CEMS MIM

There is not much more satisfying than seeing something you have created grow into a successful and well-respected project. As one of the four founding member schools of CEMS, a strategic alliance of the world’s best business and management schools now including 28 partners across the globe, we are proud to be the only Spanish school to form part of such a prestigious group of top-ranked institutions.

In fact, CEMS is currently ranked 4th in the entire world by the Financial Times.

By combining the select CEMS Master in International Management at ESADE with one of our highly-specialised MSc programmes, you not only get to extend your unforgettable student experience yet further, adding a second master to your CV, but you enjoy an even more international experience and increase your network, by spending some 10 weeks abroad at a partner school of your choice. There’s a heavy focus on languages too, so you will be even better prepared for a global career after you graduate.

Then, the satisfaction will come from celebrating your successes with you in the future! Sign up for one of our limited places!

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