Innovation, served by Ferran Adrià and ESADE

If audit exists in the world of finance, why is there nothing in place to evaluate innovation?

Few innovate in quite the same way as Ferran Adrià whose El Bulli restaurant was named best in the world 5 times and whose inventiveness has always fascinated people the world over.

So as a school recognised for learning by doing and the same avant-garde qualities, the Creativity for Business Innovation Challenge, or C4BI was born. A phenomenal 61 teams signed up for this project from across the BBA, MSc and MBA programmes, in which they were to analyse the creative process of Roca’s W+W project, identifying where innovative methods could be put in place using a creative process audit, a technique based on Ferran Adrià’s own experience evaluating innovation processes at his restaurant.

There was to be only one winner, so the five finalist teams went to work to research, attend masterclasses with the masterchef and channel their creativity before presenting their final solutions to a board of judges including ESADE’s Dean Josep Franch and Adrià himself, who chose Caldo Molecular from the MSc CEMS Programme.

For a step-by-step account of this project take a look at this Storify recounting the process from start to finish.


Click here to watch the video with the summary



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