ESADE’s Master in Finance ranked 2nd in the world by the Financial Times

The Financial Times has published its annual ranking of the best Masters in Finance for recent graduates without work experience. The British  business daily has ranked ESADE 2nd worldwide – behind the prestigious  French school HEC – and 1st in Spain. ESADE’s Master in Finance targets young people who are seeking to give  their financial career an extra boost. Among the factors valued most  highly in the ranking were graduates’ international career prospects and  students’ satisfaction with their learning experience and with their  attainment of the programme’s goals; ESADE was ranked 1st worldwide in  both categories.

With this showing, ESADE’s Master in Finance has improved its position  in the global top 5, rising from 5th to 2nd place. The programme moved  up in all categories related to graduates’ professional advancement,  from student satisfaction with the course to post-graduation career  advancement. According to Alfons Sauquet, Dean of ESADE Business School,  “This fact is very significant. The degree of student satisfaction is  one of the strengths of the Master in Finance. It illustrates the  importance that ESADE places on each student’s needs – the guidance and  positioning that we provide throughout students’ careers in the job  market.”

1st in career prospects
The Financial Times ranked ESADE’s Master in Finance 1st worldwide in international career prospects. Fully 91% of the programme’s graduates  find work outside of Spain, mainly in Germany, the United Kingdom,  Switzerland and France. This figure shows that international companies continue to value ESADE students’ high-quality training, global outlook, and ability to adapt to the labour market.
Students, in turn, express great satisfaction with the salaries they command on completion of the programme. ESADE’s Master in Finance was  ranked 7th worldwide in average post-graduation earnings. The average entry-level salary on completion of the programme is €37,000, and most  graduates enter the finance (79%), consulting (13%) and technology (5%)  industries.

Global top 10 in student satisfaction
ESADE is ranked in the global top 10 in all categories related to  student satisfaction, including perception of the school’s Career  Services team (5th), professional position and salary (7th), and return  on investment (2nd).
Other factors given high marks in the Financial Times ranking are the  international experience gained by students during the course and the diversity of the programme and the school. This showing underscores the global design of the Master in Finance and the multicultural atmosphere  of ESADE’s classrooms. International students account for 90% of the programme’s participants, representing countries such as India, Russia,  China, Colombia, France and Germany.

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