ESADE MSc Students Among Highest Scorers Worldwide on Bloomberg Aptitude Test

Two ESADE MSc students, Garrett Hynson and Reece Daniel, were among the top scorers on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) in October 2013, placing them into the Bloomberg Hall of Fame. The BAT is designed by Bloomberg to test the knowledge of students seeking a career in finance. It tests students’ core competencies in eight areas, including financial statements analysis, economics, and investment banking, and helps connect students with potential employers based on mutual interests and students’ skills.

Garrett: I am an American completing my MSc in Finance at ESADE, and chose the university for its strong international profile and program aligned with the CFA curriculum. My BAT score of 710 tied for the highest in the world in October 2013, and was the highest in the EMEA region. In my opinion, the BAT is the best standardized test for assessing financial skills, and my strong interest in finance certainly helped me achieve my score. I graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics, and was awarded the Order of the Orange Stole for completing my degree in just three years. I completed Level I of the CFA program in June 2013 and will be testing for Level II in June 2014. I will graduate from ESADE in 2014 and am seeking a career in the investment industry.

Reece: In September 2013 I enrolled in ESADE’s MSc in International Management and CEMS degree. I originally chose ESADE for the school’s diversity and international scope and I believe that by offering the BAT the school stays true to these values and allows students to challenge themselves and to showcase their talent. My BAT score of 660 placed me in the top 5 for the EMEA region. I felt that the test was quite challenging in terms of the time constraint. I have always had a strong interest in Finance, having majored in finance for my Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town and having recently completed and passed CFA levels 1,2 and 3. Whilst a background in Finance is not essential to take the BAT, I do believe that an understanding of finance and reading financial literature helps a great deal.

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